ArtistBrad Grievson

About the Artist

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Brad Grievson (b. 1986, Milton Keynes, UK) studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, and completed his MA at the Royal Academy Schools in 2013. Grievson lives and works in London. His work can be found in prestigious international collections.

Brad Grievson is interested in the tangible processes and qualities of art-making, which have undeniably been affected by the onset of the digital age. He is fascinated by the particularities of differing surfaces and is known to merge these in his multi-media compositions.

By employing various media – from drawings and paintings, to photography and collage – Grievson focuses on the art-making process itself. Through his constant building of multiple layers he often creates densely worked pieces that emphasise the importance of the materials he uses and their cumulative effect.

Grievson is a frequent re-visitor, often working with remainders from past projects: scraps of paper, magazine snippets and sheets of fabric. The latter is used in his recent Pullout 1-4 (2014) series. In these works, Grievson arranges layered pieces of black casement fabric onto white canvases. The contrast between the light and dark materials combined with the precise process of adhering the fabric to the canvas, give the works a particular optical flatness. They exist in a sort of limbo between painting and collage. In another recent series – Cardboard Cut-ups (2014) – the artist transfers photocopied pieces of cardboard and drawings of construction wood onto red monochromatic foundations. The images appear almost to recall an abstracted form of the graphic novel.

Grievson considers the converging relationships between material, surface and image, and attempts to draw out tensions between the three within his works.

Selected Exhibitions

  • To the Editor, Dear Sir, VI, VII, Oslo, 2015
  • New Dynamics, ARTUNER, Italian Cultural Institute, London, 2014
  • Like a Virgin, VI, VII, Oslo, 2014
  • Brad Grievson, Rokeby, London , 2014
  • Inshore Fishing, Rokeby, London, 2013
  • Modern and Compact Atmosphere, Studio 1.1, London , 2013
  • Clay Pipe, Galerie HFBK, Hamburg, 2012