Katja Seib

Katja Seib’s paintings are complex and seductive. Painting exclusively in a figurative style allows her to develop alluring and mysterious narratives of desire and strangeness.

the artist

Katja Seib (b. 1989, Düsseldorf) graduated from the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie in early 2016 where she studied in the MFA painting class with Prof. Tomma Abts. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Katja Seib's paintings are complex and seductive; her painting surface of choice, a coarse hessian fabric, allows for textures and hues to be integrated into the visual vocabulary of her art. The artist’s painting process is quite labour-intensive. Firstly, hessian cloth needs to be smoothened with several layers of rabbit glue and chalk. Then, she mixes the pigments herself, to be in control of the thickness and degree of coarseness of the colours. This way, Seib is able to enhance her paintings’ narratives on a textural level as well; the balance between uncouth and dainty establishes the tension of these works and guides the viewer’s eye from one character to next. Seib paints exclusively in a figurative style, which allows her to develop alluring and mysterious narratives of desire and strangeness. The topic of dreams is extremely important to Seib. To her, the experience of dreaming offers the individual a much needed escape from reality. Familiar domestic settings coexist with bizarre situations; the everyday as much as the outlandish are flattened on the same surface and yet, there is a strange sense of deepness and space that allows the work’s existence to expand beyond the limits of its own frame; the contour of a body bustling in another room, a disembodied arm opening a door, or waving a feather, cigarette smoke spiralling towards the ‘real world’.

Katja Seib
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