Dear Friends,

2018 has been a fantastic year – and it’s not quite over yet!

I founded ARTUNER in 2013, so this year was a very special year for us as it marked this venture’s 5th anniversary.

In Winter 2018, we organised a series of online only exhibitions featuring the works on paper of 12 contemporary artists, ‘The Realm of Objects and Ideas’ which, through close observation and insightful pairings, explored the various ways in which works on paper can simultaneously be considered as objects as well as receptacles of ideas. You can still discover the works of Adel Abdessemed, Michael Armitage, David Czupryn, Patrizio Di Massimo, Paul Kneale, Robert Longo, Paul Noble, Damir Očko, Diogo Pimentão, Ed Ruscha, Rebecca Salter, and Toby Ziegler here.

In Spring, ARTUNER held its two first exhibitions in Brussels, in the beautiful spaces of Independent Régence, ‘Standing, Waiting’ by Manuele Cerutti and ‘Compression’ by Paul Kneale. There, Cerutti’s paintings of cafetieres, tools, bits of wood and unrecognisable memorabilia blurred the boundaries between still life and portraiture; one floor above, Kneale’s large scale neon sculptures and scanner paintings played with the notion of space-junk – material aimlessly wandering our solar system, an immense space that we are not even inhabiting yet, but that we have, nonetheless, already littered with both physical debris and the sheer clutter of our digital data. We also organised viewings of the focused presentation of the sculptural work with paper and graphite by Diogo Pimentão in London, at the Portuguese Embassy, which viewers can still explore here. Pimentão’s thought-provoking practice subverts and innovates the notions of drawing and sculpting.

This Autumn was particularly intense and rewarding: we started in late September with ‘Memories Arrested in Space’, a group show at the Italian Cultural Institute, on the charming Belgrave Square in London, featuring Bea Bonafini, Serena Vestrucci, Rebecca Salter, and Paul Kneale. Here, each of the exhibited artists championed an original and subversive approach to abstraction, or rather ‘non-figuration’, and art-making. From challenging the status-quo of the paintbrush, to questioning the bi-dimensionality of the canvas as a surface, these artists make us ponder age-old art historical questions of light, time, and landscape through unexpected means.

In November, we officially celebrated ARTUNER’s 5th Anniversary with a group exhibition at Palazzo Capris in Turin, featuring works by Juan Antonio Olivares, Josh Kline, Caroline Walker, David Czupryn, Des Lawrence, and Pia Krajewski. There, we took the opportunity to look deeper into the zeitgeist of our epoch through contemporary artists’ responses to the age-old genre of portraiture. The backdrop of 17th century Palazzo Capris was truly spectacular, and it was very exciting to see how the contemporary art entered into a dialogue of harmony or stark contrast with the historical interiors.

In the Autumn, two artists represented by ARTUNER also had significant institutional presence: Paul Kneale’s work from the scanner painting series American Night was featured in the exhibition Peindre la Nuit at Centre Pompidou Metz (open until 15th April 2019) brilliantly curated by Jean-Marie Gallais; while David Czupryn had his first major institutional solo show He She It at Kunsthalle Darmstadt. We are also very excited to have co-published the catalogue for this exhibition with a text by the Kunsthalle curator Leon Krempl and full colour reproductions of Czupryn’s artworks (you can find this on Amazon, or send us an email at [email protected] for more information). The show will remain open until 6th January 2019 – so catch it before it closes in a few weeks! If you are not in the area, you can view the works and explore the exhibition here.

Thank you to all the artists who have accompanied us this year: keep creating art that excites us and makes us reflect on our society. And thank you also to all our supporters for being always so warm with your interest and encouragement.

Myself, and the whole ARTUNER Team are looking forward to 2019, where we will focus on finding exciting artists to introduce to you, as well as furthering the practice of the artists we represent, and on keeping our commitment to provide guidance to our collectors and followers. Indeed, we are looking forward to revealing what we have in store for the new year.

In the meantime…

Happy Holidays and Happy Collecting!

All best wishes,