Paul Kneale has had a wonderfully busy summer filled with critical acclaim. Participating in the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art of 2016 and co-curating Gstaad Project 1049, Kneale has been named a pioneer of the young art generation. These two brilliant exhibitions are brought together under this ARTUNER curation as two separate bodies of work seeking to further Paul Kneale’s research concerning the physical manifestations of virtual reality, the networked mind, and the employment of cheap materials to explore vast questions about the universe.

Project 1049 is a site-specific curatorial initiative led by Paul Kneale and Raphael Hefti. Set in the Swiss mountain town of Gstaad, the exhibition draws upon the notion of ‘project space’ as a platform upon which anything is possible. Bringing together a diverse array of poets, artists, and writers, Project 1049 is a show wherein various mediums coalesce to develop artists’ ideas and methodologies within a progressive, non-traditional atmosphere. Within this collective exhibition, Kneale has created his own body of work that helps to investigate an immediate place and its surrounding atmosphere. Using a variety of materials, Kneale turns aspects native to Gstaad into a complex chain of outsourced images, drawings, and sculptures. Indeed, through this project, Paul Kneale reflects on processes of creation in contemporary culture, where pre-existing ideas are taken, reinterpreted, outsourced, translated and given form to create the final product. To read about Paul Kneale’s works in this exhibition, click here.


Artworks in this exhibition