Paul Kneale has had a wonderfully busy summer filled with critical acclaim. Participating in the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art of 2016 and co-curating Gstaad Project 1049, Kneale has been named a pioneer of the young art generation. These two brilliant exhibitions are brought together under this ARTUNER curation as two separate bodies of work seeking to further Paul Kneale’s research concerning the physical manifestations of virtual reality, the networked mind, and the employment of cheap materials to explore vast questions about the universe.

The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art in 2016 is a grand showcasing for emerging artists less than 35 years of age. Curated this year by British Nadim Samman, the exhibition seeks to analyse fresh social issues such as the environmental crisis, conspiracies, encryptions, and the Internet. As Kneale is interested in the notion of Post-Internet artwork and the evolution of abject conceptualisation in contemporary art, he was particularly suited to feature in this year’s Biennale. Indeed, for his contribution Kneale took as a point of departure a short story of ‘artist-fiction’ he wrote for Frieze Projects. He then combined the material textures of Las Vegas’ urban sprawl with the uniformity of digital spaces to create a series of powerful installations. In these works, Kneale highlights the similarities between the virtual metaverse and the physical spaces of the city. Using materials such as plastic, aluminium, wood, and fencing, the artist continues his investigation of the ‘new abject’ by recreating the spirit of the digital image-world with commonplace, every-day objects. To read about Paul Kneale’s works in this exhibition, click here.


Artworks in this exhibition