We are pleased to announce that ARTUNER artist Paul Kneale is currently showing his work at the prestigious Boca Raton Museum of Art in Florida, USA.

Until April 8th 2018, a selection of Kneale’s scanner paintings and scan transfers will form part of Boca Raton’s ‘Contemporary Photography Forum’. This exhibition focuses on the moment in recent history when representational analogue photography was overtaken by a more abstract digital process. Assistant curator, Lanya Snyder, who organised the Forum, has placed a special emphasis on displaying the very great and various potential of those technological tools which accompany digital photography, such as Inkjet printers, scanners and Photoshop.

Kneale created the monumental canvases included in this exhibition by devising a whole new method of ‘painting’. He manipulates domestic scanners so that, instead of reproducing an image, they capture the effects of light, dust and shadow in the artist’s studio. Often he scans through old acetate sheets to enhance or engineer particular luminescent effects. What results is a kind of digital rendering of atmosphere.

But this is not the end of the process. Kneale’s combined awe and scepticism concerning the digital language of the modern age has led him to prioritise, in his work, the physical manifestation of our lives’ computerised elements. To do this, his digital impressions of light have to undergo another transformation: Kneale layers together multiple scanned images and prints them in Inkjet on canvas to form each of his large-scale pieces. His complete scanner paintings are finely wrought, tangible artworks despite their basis in random and fleeting changes of ambience.

To make the smaller-scale, but no less arresting transfers, Kneale alters the printing process: instead of transferring his digital scans to canvas, he prints them directly onto individual A4 acetate sheets. The artist uses the non-porous side, so that the ink is unable to dry thoroughly before, in a final stage, it is transferred onto paper using an acetone solution.

Kneale’s artworks burst with psychedelic colour; their lines of light are full of a fizzing energy which proceeds, paradoxically, from their being frozen in stasis. That said, as the eye moves across the surfaces of these canvases, it is bound to slip in and out of focus and, as it does so, Kneale’s horizontals can appear to quaver and shift. It looks as if those ever-changing effects of ambient light captured by the scanner are attempting to take back their liberty.

‘Contemporary Photography Forum’, at Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida, is open Tues, Wed & Fri 10am-5pm; Thurs 10am-8pm; Sat & Sun 12pm-5pm, from November 7th 2017 until April 8th 2018. Find more details on the museum’s website: https://www.bocamuseum.org/exhibitions/contemporary-photography-forum

Works by Paul Kneale can be viewed on the ARTUNER websitehttp://www.artuner.com/artists/paul-kneale/