Paul Kneale and ARTUNER are pleased to support the 2017 Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala Auction with the donation of the scanner painting ‘I Job My Love’, 2017.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants and supports projects around the world that build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. The proceeds from this auction will benefit the vital environmental work of the Foundation, founded in 2008 by Leonardo DiCaprio.

‘I Job My Love’ is a prime example of Kneale’s signature medium, the scanner painting. Kneale begins by printing an image on a transparency, then scanning and rescanning it with different exposure times. Like a computer, the scanner translates images into binary code, and each machine has its own unique perception of space and time. Further, resolution varies by the quality and type of scanner, offering Kneale a range of colours and possibilities with which to experiment. By layering these scans of the same transparency on top of one another, the artist creates what he calls “time sandwiches” which interpret their environment (usually Kneale’s studio) over a period of time. The final composite image is then inkjet printed onto a large scale canvas; the path of the LED lamp, the scanner’s image-producing element, the brushstroke of a new era of illustration.

In addition to being a way to create colourful and abstract works of art, the scanner also represents an important problem faced by today’s artists: mass production. Kneale’s use of the technique comments on a world “where everything is branded, where the consumer is lured into compulsively buying new and improved versions of the same products…” By creating one-of-a-kind paintings with mass-produced scanners, he is subverting the mechanical metamorphoses of the art world with its own tools. Kneale keeps hold of what Walter Benjamin declared the ‘aura’ of an authentic work of art: each painting is unique.

Paul Kneale (b. 1986) is a Canadian-born artist who lives and works in London. He received his MFA in 2011 from the Slade School of Fine Art and has been working closely with ARTUNER since early 2015. Recent solo and group exhibitions include: Contemporary Photography Forum, Boca Museum, Miami, (forthcoming), PAINTING | OR | NOT, KaviarFactory, Henningsvær (2017), COMMAND-ALTERNATIVE-ESCAPE, Thetis Gardens, Arsenale Novissimo, Venice (2017), High Anxiety, Rubell Family Collection, Miami (2016-2017); Project 1049, Curated by Paul Kneale and Raphael Hefti, Gstaad (2016); Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2016; Michael Armitage, Paul Kneale and Tabor Robak, ARTUNER at Palazzo Capris, Turin (2015); Free Software, Import Gallery, Berlin (2015); New Abject Launch, David Roberts Foundation, London (2015); SEO & Co., Tank TV, London (2014); Pleasure Principles, Fondation Galeries Lafayette, Paris (2014); /b/ random, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (2014); Young London, V22 Gallery, London (2013). He has taught at the Zurich University of Art and has contributed theoretical articles to leading publications such as Frieze and Spike, and has recently explored the potential of leading artist-organized projects with Fondation Galeries Lafayette and LUMA Foundation.

Paul Kneale Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala Auction