Diogo Pimentão is featured in ARTUNER’s latest exhibition entirely dedicated to works on paper, The Realm of Objects and Ideas. He welcomed us into his studio to discuss the origins of his sculptural practice – which consists of folding large sheets of paper into surprising compositions – his love/hate relationship with origami, and the fine balance between rigour and improvisation in his work.

We also conducted a more in-depth interview with Diogo Pimentão, which you can read by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Also there, you will find a link to a video interview we did with Rebecca Salter, whose work is put into conversation with Pimentão’s for this exhibition. Watch both videos to get the full picture.

These are the questions we asked Diogo Pimentão:

1) You use paper not as a window on a scene, but as an object itself. Do you recall the first time you “discovered” this method?

2) Your work reminds me of origami: there is something meditative and “therapeutic” about it, but also light and playful. Were you at all inspired by this craft? And if yes, how?

3) The creation of your work relies on precise gestures: lines, folds, angles. What is the importance of repetition and rigour, and on the other hand of improvisation and emotion, in your work?

Interview filmed by Ludovica Colacino

Artworks in this exhibition