Rebecca Salter is the Keeper of the Schools of Royal Academy and, in occasion of our exhibition The Realm of Objects and Ideas she welcomed the ARTUNER Team into her Burlington House studio  (inside the RA) to discuss different facets of her work on paper.

One year ago we with did a written interview with her – you can find it at the bottom of this page if you wish to dig deeper and learn about her painting practice as well.

Additionally, we did a video interview with Diogo Pimentão as well – watch both videos to discover how the two artists’ practices harmoniously dialogue with each other (link at bottom of this page).

These are the questions we asked Rebecca Salter:

1)  You used to be a ceramicist before going to Japan and starting your painting and drawing practice. I’m curious, do you approach the blank sheet of paper as a window on a scene (like most painters do) or do you approach paper as an object (as I imagine many ceramicists do)?

2) Paper is a very important and prominent artistic medium in Japan (and other Asian countries) – not so much in the Western tradition where it’s often used for “studies” for the main work. What do you think paper offers in addition to – or different from – canvas?

3) Texture is an incredible element of your practice. You create texture in many different ways in your works on paper. Can you describe a couple of your favourite ways to create these amazing effects?

Interview filmed by Ludovica Colacino

Artworks in this exhibition