Installation View of Manuele Cerutti Standing, Waiting Brussels 2018

Manuele Cerutti: A World of Objects

“I would say that the ritual begins when I meet an object that I gather and bring to the studio”,... Read More

By: Carolyn Seiler
Matthew Stone in collector Ilaria Touegs home Marie Claire Maison Collector's Tips

Collectors’ Tips: Hanging and Presenting Artwork

The way that a work of art is presented can have a great deal of impact upon how it is... Read More

By: Alexandra Jerejian
Install View of Manuele Cerutti Standing Waiting in Brussels 2018 ARTUNER Exhibition

‘Standing, Waiting’ by Manuele Cerutti in Brussels

ARTUNER is very pleased to introduce the work of Manuele Cerutti for the first time in Belgium, with a focused... Read More