Rebecca Salter

AD30, 2012

  • Medium:mixed media on paper on linen
  • Dimensions:160 x 180 cm

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About the Artwork

AD30, 2012

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Despite growing up in rural England, Rebecca Salter’s passion for Japanese art, “its visual sophistication, the flat colour, the bold, cropped compositions, and, above all, the fluidity of the lines,” can be traced back to her childhood. Since then, it has profoundly influenced her artistic practice, Salter having spent six years living in Kyoto and studying traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques at Kyoto City University of Arts.

Japanese calligraphy and printmaking inks are water-based, rather than oil-based, and each requires traditional Japanese paper, called ‘washi’. Salter’s time in Japan afforded her the opportunity to profoundly engage with such materials, reflected here in ‘AD30’. Simultaneously, she walks the border between art and craft, East and West, offering a fresh take on the normative painting process. Reminiscent of the geometric abstractions of Piet Mondrian, ‘AD30’ features a great many different ink tones and ‘shibui’, or “off colors,” its abstract nature offering the viewer a rich terrain for philosophical speculation about painting as both practice and object.