Rebecca Salter

AG25, 2014

  • Medium:mixed media on muslin on canvas
  • Dimensions:110 x 150 cm

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About the Artwork

AG25, 2014

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Rebecca Salter’s paintings are minimal abstractions heavily influenced by Japanese aesthetics. Jun’ichrō Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows is a seminal text for the artist; the subtleties and reserved tones in Salter’s works reflect Tanizaki’s evaluations upon Asian arts’ preference for dark colours.

In AG25 Salter worked on muslin with various inks and pigments, which was then glued onto a stretched canvas. The work achieves a balance between cloudy ink and faint patches of the muslin, which gives the work a sense of depth. It is muted and ink trails impart the canvas with a texture that appears stained. There is a quiet transience also; the work appears as if it is gaseous, shifting around the space of the page. Yet, it is markedly eerie; it contains a spectral quality that is haunting; the two black concentrations in the middle of the canvas fix the eye. The indiscriminate formations recall those used in the Rorschach test, where the viewer identifies objects and figures out of seemingly non-figuration compositions.