Giuseppe Uncini

Architetture n. 213, 2006

  • Medium:concrete and iron
  • Dimensions:Variable

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About the Artwork

Architetture n. 213, 2006

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The sculptures of Giuseppe Uncini aim to negate the opposition between form and content. For Uncini: form dictates content as much as content dictates form. The materials he chooses have meaning in and of themselves; Uncini thought that the artist’s role is to reveal this meaning.

‘Architetture n. 213’ is pressed concrete with revealed supporting iron rods. It is a material that Uncini worked with prolifically, shaping and moulding it to his own ends. Often, as in his ‘Cementoarmento’ pieces, interior and exterior elements appear together as to both note their contrasting properties and envelope them together in one complete scene.

At the time of Uncini’s move to working with concrete – in the late 50s- the material was very much in vogue within architectural practice. In the postwar fever of urban reconstruction, brutal structures were erected throughout Europe. Uncini viewed its traits, both cheap and adaptable, as something that emanated from the material itself. He viewed his work as an extension or fragment of concrete’s worldwide usage; his work often appears as if it has been lifted straight from a building itself.