Katja Seib

Californian Dreamer, 2016

  • Medium:Oil on Canvas
  • Dimensions:82 x 78 cm

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About the Artwork

Californian Dreamer, 2016

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The title of this composition refers to a key motif recurring throughout the work of the German artist, Katja Seib: the oneiric. In an interview with ARTUNER, Seib says: “Dreaming equals freedom. In our dreams, we have the freedom to create our own intimate comfort zone which we can enter and where we can be whoever we want to be”.

As with Seib’s other paintings on exhibition, ‘Californian Dreamer’ is based on a photograph the artist took on Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles during a trip around North America.

In the composition, a figure with his shoulder to the viewer looks out into the serene LA cityscape, a view obfuscated to us by the imposing presence of agave plants. The real view is just beyond our field of sight – it is the dreamer’s private experience. Seib powerfully captures the dreamer in a moment of hushed reverie. In a flourish of magical realism, Seib adds the words ‘Born to Be’ in an ant trail as if this fanciful intrusion of the unreal suggests the possibility of dreams coming true.