Katja Seib

Casino 2, 2016

  • Medium:Oil on Hessian
  • Dimensions:200 x 135 cm

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About the Artwork

Casino 2, 2016

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‘Casino’ by Katja Seib evokes the all-or-nothing atmosphere of Las Vegas, in which the fast-paced pattern of winning and losing creates a volatile emotional atmosphere where anything could happen.

The painting depicts a man and a woman, in matching hoodies, playing a slot machine emblazoned with the words ‘Adam & Eve lost in paradise’. They are captured exchanging a look, with the man placing a hand on the woman’s shoulder, seemingly encouraging her to continue playing. What at first glance seems to be a familiar location becomes more unsettling upon closer examination; the lurid red carpet is imprinted with the pattern of a naked woman, and the slot machine displays a picture of an apple and the word ‘God’, darkly associating the gamblers with the Fall.

Such details might go unnoticed by both the viewer and the figures in the casino as they concentrate on gambling, but their existence points to the unreal, sinister nature of the casino; things must not be taken at face value in this oneiric world.