Pietro Consagra

China su Carta (Ventidue immagini), 1966

  • Medium:India ink on paper
  • Dimensions:46 x 58.3 cm

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About the Artwork

China su Carta (Ventidue immagini), 1966

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“Naturally, as soon as the concept is clarified, the sculpture is finished. There’s no phase of prolonging the end, of processing the material, it doesn’t interest me…”

Pietro Consagra’s preliminary sketches are ripe with insight into his method and practice, offering a first-hand look at his commitment to overcoming the crisis of representation he felt plagued postwar sculpture. He strove to move away from a sense of centralized authority and delve beneath the surface to represent the deepest layers of the human soul. In doing so, Consagra sought closer contact with the “pulsating heart of creativity,” his unobtrusive works the perfect instruments for creating an illumniating tȇte à tȇte with the viewer.