David Czupryn

Direct 24 never 48, 2016

  • Medium:Oil on Canvas
  • Dimensions:190 x 140 cm

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About the Artwork

Direct 24 never 48, 2016

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In his paintings, David Czupryn often plays with sarcasm with the viewer’s expectations. The enigmatic title ‘Direct 24 Never 48’ is remindful of a ludicrous slogan crafted in order to advertise and sell a “new-and-improved” version of a product nobody actually needs. With this work Czupryn does not mean to critique contemporary consumerist society. On the contrary, his commentary is purely observational: with marked cynicism the artist notes it is arrogant of humanity to think mankind will be able to destroy our planet. Our way of life will simply irreparably damage what makes nature such a hospitable environment for our species.

Thus, David Czupryn interest in the merger between synthetic and natural materials here reaches a climax. The desert-like hues of this painting, coupled with the poisonous tints of otherworldly vegetation, conjure up an alien eco-system, where neither man, nor anthropomorphic figures seem to find any space. However, exotic flowers and bony plants still cooperate and communicate with each other, through neon filaments, in the intricate and never-ending circle of life, having taken over and adapted to their sprawling needs, vestiges of human civilisation.