Toby Ziegler

Double meander, 2017

  • Medium:Oil Paint on Aluminium
  • Dimensions:155 x 230 cm

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About the Artwork

Double meander, 2017

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Toby Ziegler’s work responds to twenty-first century visual culture: how images exist in the world and how they are consumed. The digital proliferation of images has altered the ways in which the human subject both receives and relates to them. Ziegler reissues found digital pictures with a palpable sense of materiality. Images, as viewed on a screen, are imprinted onto a surface; recast in material form as to induce an interaction between digital and physical pictorial realms.

Ziegler’s ‘Double meander’ is an aluminium panel, which reveals the processes by which it was made. The first process: the selection and reproduction of canonical source material, second: the disruptive application of a viscus layer of yellow paint and lastly: erasure and abstraction of the original image through the use of a rotary sander. To look at ‘Double meander’ is to look at Henri Matisse’s ‘Large Reclining Nude’, digitised, reimagined and reconfigured. It is to witness a physical response to this digitalisation; it is to observe the effects of materiality on a Google image page – damage, wear, and dilapidation. Yet, the artist’s hand remains present. The yellow paint is a bold overlay of colour that resembles a spiritual symbol while emphasising the act of painting itself.