Paul Kneale

Event Horizon Series

  • Medium:galvanised metal, glass encased neon components
  • Dimensions:Variable

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About the Artwork

Event Horizon Series

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These works are the newest and largest from an ongoing series that combines urban objects intended for transmitting and disposing, with custom made neon lights. 

The first works in the series were titled ‘Event Horizon’, the term for the edge of a black hole from where no light escapes, and mounted onto heavy duty urban beach trash bins.

This new development in the series uses 3m diameter aluminium satellite dishes — a type often used by clandestine radio operators.  The satellite/radio dishes are mounted on top of 2.5m high, recycled streetlight poles, laying flat.  Instead of antenna they are topped with a floating ring of neon light.  Fabricated in collaboration with a specialist producer, the neons are made from clear tempered glass, allowing the current of 9000 volts of electricity moving through the inert neon gas to be visible.  Their intense orange-red colour is only from this this elemental reaction between electricity and gas.

The trio of sculptures are installed at the edge of the Thetis Garden, where the walled enclosure opens onto the Arsenal entrance and ship yard. Placed here like ancient signal fires at the point of entry from the Venetian lagoon, they also suggest a futuristic interstellar transit.