Paul Kneale

Experience Economy in Retrograde, 2017

  • Medium:Inkjet on Canvas
  • Dimensions:288.4 x 412.75 cm

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About the Artwork

Experience Economy in Retrograde, 2017

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Paul Kneale’s scanner-paintings from the ‘Post-post-post-production’ series stroll off the beaten path and take a novel approach to two of the central concerns of painting: the exploration of space and light. Starting his works with an open lid and nothing on the copy bed, Kneale introduces an element of chance in his compositions. Indeed, it is impossible to predict what will be the first image rendered by one of the many scanners used by Kneale as a set of paintbrushes. Light fluctuations, dust particles, dirt, subtle fingerprints; all these elements come into play to form unique and capricious arrangements of textures, shapes and colours.

‘Experience Economy in Retrograde’ is the scanner painting produced by the artist at the time of writing. Its sheer size seems amplified in its apparent depth: here, the many layers resulting from multiple successive scans are distinctly evident. They encourage the viewer to venture in its abstract abyss, punctuated by patches reminiscent of the ‘floaters’ often seen when experiencing light-headedness. It is a smooth, harmonious nothingness that is simultaneously thrilling, nurturing and threatening – as all uncharted territories are.