Toby Ziegler

Failed study for a ouija board (2), 2017

  • Medium:Oil Paint on Aluminium
  • Dimensions:100 x 120 cm

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About the Artwork

Failed study for a ouija board (2), 2017

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Toby Ziegler is interested in how images of famous art works exist in the world. If you type Matisse’s ‘La Danse’ into Google images, you are subject to an endless grid of reproduction. Ziegler takes this page as a starting point. The artist reproduces the digital images by hand onto an aluminum panel; an arduous process that allows for the artist’s own technical idiosyncrasies to emerge. Once the grid of images has been detailed onto the panel, Ziegler then subjects them to a process of erasure, which he refers to as ‘evacuation’. This involves the use of sanding equipment and correction fluid in order to work the images away, exposing them to the effects of materiality: wear, degradation and damage.

The pink lattice in ‘Failed study for a ouija board (2)’ adds another window atop the digital one that is Google’s image search grid; the original images of Matisse’s work become subject to Ziegler’s own process. They are recast under his own hand into a set of prescribed conditions, which reconfigure the discourse between digital images and the human eye, between the order of the digital domain and the chaos of abstraction.