Pietro Consagra

Ferro Trasparente Rosa, 1966

  • Medium:painted iron
  • Dimensions:64.5 x 40 x 3 cm
  • Edition Size:4

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About the Artwork

Ferro Trasparente Rosa, 1966

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The series of works entitled ‘Ferri trasparenti’ perfectly summarises Consagra’s vision of art and his artistic practice. Pietro Consagra was a forerunner of abstractism in post-war Italy. He belonged to the Gruppo Forma 1, an artistic movement whose aim was to rejuvenate the antiquated Italian artistic scene, by promoting a synthesis of Formalism and Marxism.

In perfect Consagrian style, this almost bi-dimensional, monochromatic sculpture is deprived of all the adornments which veil its essential form. ‘Ferro trasparente rosa’ aims at establishing an intimate dialogue with the viewer, not as an object of art, but as an object among many. In Consagra’s sculptures, art has lost its supremacy as the Futile par excellence, becoming – in accordance to the Marxist tenets – a useful instrument at the disposal of the viewer’s needs, being they aesthetic or practical. In this way, divested of the arrogance of traditional art, Consagra’s objects can entertain a sincere dialogue with the observer, stimulate his curiosity through the ambiguity of their forms and colours, be constantly shaped and reinterpreted by his state of mind.

However, such a dialogue is possible only once the sculpture’s adornments have fallen apart, leaving the naked Form speak the primordial, universal language of the Essential.