Paul Kneale

Global Suburb, 2017

  • Medium:Scan transfer on photo paper
  • Dimensions:29.7 x 21 cm

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About the Artwork

Global Suburb, 2017

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Paul Kneale’s practice is concerned with the emergence of the digital as a system of vision. Instead of looking at the symbols produced by our prolific, image-driven society, Kneale reaches straight to the heart of the issue, exploring how this vision even exists at all, what is its basic nature, and how does that basic nature lead to composition and form. Almost like an animism of machine vision. It is what the artist describes as “The experience of being in the Matrix vs. what the Matrix looks like from the perspective of the machines running it!

Paul Kneale’s new transfer scans series are created following a process similar to that of his emblematic scanner paintings. Here, the artist runs his copying appliances with nothing on the bed and keeps their lid open: the LED strip moves across space free to capture light fluctuations of the neon fixtures, imperceptible dust particles, invisible (to human eyes) smears of dirt. All such elements are obtained through multiple recordings – some fast, some slow – which in turn are stratified on top of each other to create what Kneale describes as ‘time-sandwiches’. In the transfer scans, the artist prints the resulting image on the non-absorbent side of an acetate sheet. Before the ink is allowed to set, he transfers the composition on paper with the aid of a solvent.