Malte Bruns

Hangman, 2015

  • Medium:Mixed Media
  • Dimensions:43 x 16 x 12 cm

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About the Artwork

Hangman, 2015

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Suspended by a rope from the ceiling is a hand dangling a fragment of a face by its nostril. A surreal sight is what Bruns creates here, as he places the body in a bizarrely comic situation that is not without a dose of eerie. Light plays an important role in the work, as the scene is spotlit, illuminating the fleshy forms and casting shadows in their orifices.

Bruns’ works are a curiosity cabinet blurring the line between the amusing and the frightening, taking the viewer into the realm of the uncanny as they are faced with human-like sculptures that seem to overcome the natural boundaries of human existence.

Moulded from plaster and silicone, the forms in Bruns’ ‘Hangman’ seem to defy the laws of physics. Supported by two fingers and a string, the bottom-half of a face with its mouth agape makes one question how this unnatural scenario came to be. “What I’ve found are puzzles that you don’t want to solve”, here Bruns is engaging the viewer in thinking about the artwork differently, that is one must not search for rational explanations to the uncanny, but rather accept the absurdity and inconceivability of the scenario being presented.