Malte Bruns

Holy Moly, 2016

  • Medium:Mixed Media
  • Dimensions:49 x 14 x 25 cm

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About the Artwork

Holy Moly, 2016

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Bursting out of the walls of the white-cube gallery space, a pale green fist presents the viewer with a fragment of an orange-hued face held like a torch. Missing its top half, the visage appears contorted into a loud exclamation – upon closer inspection the frenulum can be seen, as a wooden stick pries the man’s mouth open. This suggests that the speaker may in fact be bellowing the phrase of surprise that is the works’ title, as the tongue’s position is in the shape of one sounding the letter ‘L’.

This work raises questions of what the nonexistent eyes have observed, of the possible reasons behind the fragmented face’s shock. ‘Holy Moly’ plays upon a moment of indissolubility, in which something unconcluded releases tension and curiosity, provoking reactions. This unfinished nature of the piece is exemplary of Bruns’ position of anti-perfection; he consciously subverts the prosthetics industry by creating posed, open, grotesque depictions of human anatomy.