Paul Kneale

Homeless Sky, 2017

  • Medium:Inkjet on Canvas
  • Dimensions:200 x 140 cm

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About the Artwork

Homeless Sky, 2017

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Paul Kneale uses cheap consumer-grade scanners in order to produce his artwork. The works are capricious; they vary depending on the conditions in which they are made. Kneale suggests that each of the scanners he uses has its own personality; his technique of taking open scans never results in the same outcome. Kneale refers to his process as ‘productive misuse’: he explores the capabilities of the scanner while in effect, breaking it. Technology for Kneale operates a duality: it is extremely advanced while at the same time cheaply mass-produced and not built to last.

Like in photography, Kneale uses both short and long exposure scans. Often, he will then combine resulting compositions so that the final image is ‘thicker’ with time. Kneale’s scanner-paintings are thus a representation of time as well as of the spatial and lighting conditions in which they were made. In ‘Homeless Sky’ the canvas is relativity blank, minimal in its presentation, it is a demonstration of the wide-ranging effects the artist is capable of producing.