Jamie Fitzpatrick

How Do You Like It, How Do You Like It, 2017

  • Medium:Mixed Media
  • Dimensions:290 x 130 x 205 cm

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About the Artwork

How Do You Like It, How Do You Like It, 2017

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‘How Do you Like it, How Do you Like it’ is an amalgamation of forms and body parts. The viewer’s eye is most attracted to the oversized breasts, covered in brown and blue splashes of material. Legs protrude from the breasts, falling off the podium as if intended to be attached to a reclining figure. Brown lumps are apparent in between the legs suggestive of body hair. However, if looked at in context of the entire sculpture, the brown lumps appears to be splattered over several other objects thus creating an impression of fecal matter.

The bust of a blonde androgynous figure with either a red moustache or lips resides to the left of the piece. The pearl necklace with a heart pendant, a large ringed hand and protruding arm ornamented with jewellery suggest the figure is of a woman. In such case, the large red lips would further accentuate the erotic connotations of the piece. Indeed, the theme of the sensual female body in sculpture is one pertaining to a long tradition in the history of art, dating back to well-known examples in classical Greek art, such as the myth of Pygmalion, for instance.

Not visible from the front, a mechanical tongue attached to a dark-haired moustached man repeatedly licks the back of the bottom breast. From behind, the breast may be confused with the rear. This sculpture is exemplary of Fitzpatrick’s wish to subvert normative hierarchies of vision: while usually it is the beholder who dictates the gazing pattern and the sculpture passively submits, in this case, the ticking noise of the man’s mechanic flickering tongue induces the viewer to interrupt their observation in order to rush to the back of the artwork and discover the naughty character. The heavily sexually suggestive piece appears to intentionally disrupt its environment through its outlandish lewdness and not-straightforwardly-decoded subject matter.