Pietro Consagra

Inventario n. 2. Acciaio e Ottone – Triangolo, 1967

  • Medium:Brass, steel
  • Dimensions:102 x 98 x 0.5 cm
  • Edition Size:3

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About the Artwork

Inventario n. 2. Acciaio e Ottone – Triangolo, 1967

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Following Consagra’s rejection of mathematical perfection and straight angles, here the viewer is presented with an imperfect ‘triangle’. If one closed one’s eyes and squinted at it, the rough outline of the shape might indeed appear as the three-sided shape. However looking closely, the curves are apparent as is the lack of hard-edged angles necessary for it to be deemed such a shape.

Created in Consagra’s characteristic style, the artist liberated sculpture from the burdens of historical legacy, as the flattened structure abandons a traditional authoritarian centre vs. periphery dichotomy in favour of an outlook which is more frontal, encouraging a dialogue between work and viewer.

Consagra’s abstract sculptures are characterised by the emphasis of the frontal using an innovative reduction to a single point of view. These works occupy a different space, one which is related to the viewer’s imagination. Thus, Consagra’s art brings forth the possibility for a stimulated, non-imposed dialogue between viewer and artwork.