Pietro Consagra

Inventario n. 2. Anello Ottone, 1967

  • Medium:Brass
  • Dimensions:68 x 68 x 0.5 cm
  • Edition Size:3

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About the Artwork

Inventario n. 2. Anello Ottone, 1967

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Though its title may describe a “brass ring”, Consagra’s work is not in fact a smooth and circular shape which the viewer might envisage at that title, but rather, this metal object appears to be scallop-edged. Yet again in his characteristic style, Consagra’s ring is a two-dimensional take on sculptural practice, opening up the dialogue between spectator and spectacle.

The relatively sparse ratio of material-to-space in this wall-mounted sculpture highlights the artist’s emphasis on the environment as an element of his work. Space has remained a key tenet of Consagra’s practice as he viewed it not as an indefinite and abstract entity but rather as a real element that can be expressed through geometric allegory. The tension between object and space is one which is antithetical, highlighting how Consagra’s work evolved as a historical conception in reaction to issues with traditional sculpture.

Thus, Consagra here highlights space by forcing it to imprint itself upon the spastic screen, making it not an abstraction, but rather the irreducible dimension of human lived experience, as something which the viewer senses with their entire being.