Paul Kneale

Lack Holes and Maybe Universes, 2017

  • Medium:mirrors, sandblasted metal and fibreglass, steel
  • Dimensions:Variable

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About the Artwork

Lack Holes and Maybe Universes, 2017

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Paul Kneale’s sculptural group ‘Lack Holes and Maybe Universes’ combines found objects that act as transit points in the everyday – trashcans, satellite dishes and surveillance mirrors – with neon tubes, custom-produced in collaboration with a specialist neon artisan.

The original work in the series is titled ‘Event Horizon’; it is a reference to the edge of a black hole, the place from which no light escapes and thus also where time stops. The artist is interested in the relationship between abstract, sometimes cosmic theories – which exist as ideas – and the scale of the human body that contemplates them. The works are things in the world, which the body encounters daily. The found objects explore this near body-scale and exist in an in-between space, neither consumer objects, nor made from scratch. Their shape has been altered, suffering dents and blows; paint is stripped away and surfaces are melted or warped.

The neon tubes are themselves a small simulacrum of the cosmic, made using the noble gasses neon and argon. The gasses are contained in the glass tubes and the illumination is activated by high voltage electricity passing through them.

The series has been developing across a number of exhibitions and has recently been shown at Palazzo Capris Torino, Moscow Biennale, Rubell Family Collection, and Cassina Projects NYC.