Marine Hugonnier

Modele (a Revision) n.39 Blue, 2013

  • Medium:Blue silk printed Rives Paper and Collage
  • Dimensions:236 x 150 cm

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About the Artwork

Modele (a Revision) n.39 Blue, 2013

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Modeles (a Revision) is the title given to a group of works by Hugonnier, designed in conjunction with her series of newspaper collages. Their vivid palette, for instance, is precisely the same as that used for the bright cut-outs of overlaid paper with which the artist obscures all the journalistic photographs in her body of work Art for a Modern Architecture. Unlike those miniature patches, however, the Modeles are monumental in scale. Composed of two, heavy layers of silk-printed Rives paper, they stretch-out in all dimensions: a meter in length, two meters and a half in height, even bulging outwards to create a considerable depth.  The result of this combined brightness and vastness is a somewhat abrasive quality: the Modeles seem to impose upon their environment, and they shape the viewing experience into one of mutual confrontation.

While this alarming bulk renders the Modeles atmospherically distinct from the smaller, subtler newspaper collages, it also serves to construct a thematic link between the two series. For it is owing to their indefatigability that the Modeles seem almost architectural; and it is owing to this architectural air that the Modeles exude the same principle as the Art for a Modern Architecture series: the utilitarian principle that art should serve some kind of structural function, whether that be the physical structures which surround us, or the social structures—like newspapers—which frame our everyday life.

Given the importance of structural function here, it is unsurprising that Hugonnier has chosen to work with the iconic palette of Le Corbusier’s notoriously functional architecture. In this work, she chooses the modernist architect’s deep blue tone. Darker than the rest of the Model series, it has a sombre intensity which demands sustained attention.