Giuseppe Uncini

Ombra di Due Quadrati mt. 4, 1973

  • Medium:concrete and laminated wood
  • Dimensions:65 x 90 x 16 cm

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About the Artwork

Ombra di Due Quadrati mt. 4, 1973

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Since working with the “Gruppo Uno” from 1963-67, Giuseppe Uncini’s oeuvre has been rooted in theories of perception and the distinction between the material and the immaterial. His compositions challenge the notion that art exists to communicate an existential message, instead rendering matter as pure and autonomous, using simple industrial materials to proclaim his work’s own agency.

In ‘Ombra di due quadrati’, the shadows of two squares are rendered in concrete and mounted on the wall. The squares themselves are simply negative space, visible only in relation to the shadows they cast. Uncini has reformatted the boundaries between object and silhouette, imbuing the canonically abstract conception of ‘shadow’ with an inherent materiality. The decision to use concrete is an apt one, for it suggests both solidity and reality, making it an ideal medium for a piece that aims not to represent something else, but to be intrinsically meaningful in itself.