Luigi Ghirri

Ostiglia, Centrale Elettrica, 1987

  • Medium:Vintage C-Print
  • Dimensions:42.7 x 55.2 cm

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This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the estate of Luigi Ghirri.
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Please allow four to six weeks for the artwork to arrive after purchase.

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About the Artwork

Ostiglia, Centrale Elettrica, 1987

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A young woman walking is captured in motion in front of a power station. Ominous clouds push out from behind the houses.

In this rare vintage print, Ghirri focuses in on urbanity, capturing a slice of town life in a contemplative and poetic image. In works such as Ostiglia, Ghirri proves that beauty can be found in even the darker industrial precipices of Italy. Simultaneously, in towns such as Ostiglia we are reminded of the looming industry — indeed, the power plant featured here still stands today — as well as the power of the church, appearing behind the girl in motion.

Ghirri’s attraction to the everyday life of the inhabitants who lived along the river Po led him to a form of deceptively simple images such as Ostiglia. For Ghirri this was a familiar mode of observation, but for us this is a familiarization with the richness of colour and tonality that made the candid nature of Ghirri’s street scenes influential for generations of art photographers.


Ghirri and Celati, Il profilo delle nuvole: Immagini di un paesaggio italiano, Feltrinelli, 1989, p. 40.


From a Private Collection, Verona;
Acquired directly from the artist.


The photograph is in near perfect condition. It has been stored in a specialized acid free box and has not been exposed to sunlight. There are no surface scratches, distortions or discolourations.

Other Information

The photograph is accompanied by an original passepartout which is 59 x 49 cm. The listed price includes VAT.