Georg Herold

Parisienne, 2012

  • Medium:Bronze Sculpture
  • Dimensions:360 x 280 x 230 cm

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About the Artwork

Parisienne, 2012

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Georg Herold’s beguiling and visceral sculptures defy any singular interpretation of the artist’s meaning. Central to his practice is an anti-traditional rebelliousness that is reflected in his choice of building materials as a medium for expression; the basic materials, though used masterfully, keep the works as free as possible from existing associations.

‘Parisienne’ is made of bronze, an ideal medium to explore sprawling, contorted shapes that cut through the air aggressively. Herold’s sculpture is eerily dehumanised, an anthropomorphic figure that bristles with a dangerous energy as if ready to spring at the viewer. The ‘parisienne’ – reminiscent of a praying mantis, and therefore of another femme fatale – appears to hold two sticks, or weapons, above her head, emphasising that she is poised for combat against her audience, or against any attempts by the viewer to ‘read’ the sculpture in a narrow, limiting way.

Herold gives his chimerical being spider-like legs, a nod to non-human strength and power. But despite the tension inherent in the pose of the figure, the overall effect is one of extreme grace. The blue-green patina of the bronze lends a sense of calm to the figure, and highlights the sensitive manipulation of the material; for Herold, aesthetics and physical presence are the fundamental elements of sculpture.