Paul Kneale

Peak Everything, 2017

  • Medium:Scan transfer on photo paper
  • Dimensions:29.7 x 21 cm

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About the Artwork

Peak Everything, 2017

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Paul Kneale’s current work engages with the digital as a system of vision. His transfer scans are born out of his well-known scanner paintings series. Kneale’s method exposes the mechanisms behind technological equipment that is capable of interpretation. Thus, in his scanner paintings, Kneale is interested in what the scanner ‘sees’. The artist scans the atmospheric conditions of his studio, with nothing placed on the copy bed. Following this, he runs worn pieces of transparent paper through the printer and begins to layer up strata on strata of colours and shapes in order to form his compositions.

For his transfer scans, Kneale deliberately prints the scan on the non-porous side of an acetate sheet, which means the ink is not allowed to dry properly. Using an acetone solution, the artist then transfers the compositions onto paper, occasionally adding printed layers as he goes. This technique is similar to the one used by Robert Rauschenberg for his transfer drawings, where the artist would reissue pieces of print media in order to remark on the saturation of contemporary visual culture. For Kneale though, his transfers remain tightly connected with their means of production, namely the use of the scanner. Printed on A4, the artist encourages an association between the scanner’s own rendered image and other forms of print media.