David Czupryn

Pseudo Twins, 2016

  • Medium:Oil on Canvas
  • Dimensions:190 x 140 cm

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About the Artwork

Pseudo Twins, 2016

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Central to David Czupryn’s practice is the depiction of surreal anthropomorphic beings, which often reside in an oneiric world that appears to be fantastical and yet strangely familiar.

‘Pseudo twins’ is based on a type of ‘pseudo-symmetric’ painting, in which objects in the work appear to mirror each other but are subtly different. A chimerical figure with a bull’s head dominates the centre of the work, flanked by two others who echo each other in posture. The yellow arrows curling around their legs link the left side with the right side, creating an almost symmetrical pattern. At the bottom of the painting, a Dali-esque fried egg lies sunny side up on the left, while on the right another egg is heavily stylised. A rich red wicker background also makes use of neatly patterned cross-hatching to echo the unity of the painting as a whole.

The figure themselves, however, are made up of opposing materials; the being on the left has limbs made out of white marble and light wood, while on the right the figure is darker. Such an abundance of materials, some synthetic, some natural, illustrate Czupryn’s preoccupation with reconfiguring elements of the natural world to highlight the uncanny.