Pietro Consagra

Sottilissima n.1, 1995

  • Medium:stainless steel
  • Dimensions:51 x 37.5 x 0.02 cm
  • Edition Size:9

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About the Artwork

Sottilissima n.1, 1995

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Following in his Sottilissima series, Consagra created this sculpture which offers the least possible thickness of material to create the perfect evocation of a presence-absence. The work acts as a sort of diaphragm delineating the tension between space and object, a steel sail which exists as an almost imperceptible suspension in nothingness.

This frontality allows Consagra to explore a mode of interaction which is more direct, as art and audience are opened up to one another in a two-dimensional dialogue. The Sottilissime propose an offer to the viewer’s imagination as they act as veils which reveal and conceal the space around them.