Pietro Consagra

Sottilissima n. 6, 1990

  • Medium:stainless steel
  • Dimensions:39.9 x 28 x 0.02 cm
  • Edition Size:30

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About the Artwork

Sottilissima n. 6, 1990

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Consagra’s concept of ‘frontality’ is not equivalent to flatness, the space within his works is one which moves and lives behind the ‘transparent’, punctured shapes of his creations. His Sottilissime series was born out of a sublime lightness of thought embodied in compositions that are almost intangible.

Plots appear to be traced in the air by steel, outlining areas of space through which the viewer can observe the world beyond the work. This is characteristic of Consagra’s discourse, which always focuses on a perceptual and colloquial relationship between the work and the space that hosts it, between the work and the observer who enters into a dialogue with it.

In this work, perhaps there can be found structural parallels to that of a plant cell; the sculpture appears to mirror the minute structure with its cellulose walls which house all manner of nuclei, mitochondria and DNA. Perhaps another similarity can be found in the thinness of this sculpture, and the miniscule dimensions of the smallest unit of plant life.