Paul Kneale

Unemotional Baggage, 2017

  • Medium:Inkjet on Canvas
  • Dimensions:200 x 140 cm

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About the Artwork

Unemotional Baggage, 2017

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Paul Kneale’s scanner-paintings form part of his ongoing consideration of digital languages. In ‘Unemotional Baggage’, an association can be made between the scanned image and the types of images taken by deep-space satellites: the surface of the canvas looks like recorded planetary terrain. Kneale is interested in how each scanner he uses – he has several in his studio at any given time – is capable of making impressions that are noticeably distinct from one another. Kneale reconfigures the scanners he uses, messing with them in order to alter their responses. At the point of breaking, Kneale cites the acid tones and neon colours of the scans as things to be shaped by his artistic practice. The glitches and fluxes of the scanner are things the artist looks for; ripple effects and jamming is a sign of the scanner’s own physical presence.

The finished work is the rendered scan printed onto large-scale canvas. This allows for the detail of the colours and the depth of the image to be revealed, while too evokes the material’s own associative history with painting.