Georg Herold

Untitled, 2007

  • Medium:Batten, Oil on Canvas, Yarn
  • Dimensions:107 x 390 x 90 cm

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About the Artwork

Untitled, 2007

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Georg Herold’s desire to keep his work unbound from any existing associations is evident in his large-scale sculptures. Through them, the artist explores questions of volume, physical presence and aesthetics – pivotal elements of his practice.

Herold believes that there exists a fundamental divergence between the appearance of the world and the language used to describe it. Indeed, instead of conveying a unified message, his approach favours manifold, protean meanings, thus undermining those currents in the history of art that privilege an authoritarian centre of interpretation. It is his intention to create ambiguous works that allow for diverse readings, extending in multiple directions, granting interpretative freedom to the viewer.

Herold’s aesthetic research aims for an essential, post-minimalist appearance. However, his monumental figures always seem to be hinting at a dramatic struggle – that between the maker and his creation, between desire and wish-fulfilment. ‘Untitled’ (2007) displays incredible balance and grace, all the while preserving the tension encapsulated in the moment before the surface is broken.