Georg Herold

Untitled, 2015

  • Medium:Acrylic, Lacquer on Canvas, Numbered Caviar
  • Dimensions:135 x 110 cm

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About the Artwork

Untitled, 2015

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Georg Herold adopted the use of caviar into his artistic practice in the 1980s. Although the German artist is more widely known for his installations and sculptures, which often take the Italian conceptualist movement, Arte Povera, as a point of reference, it is his caviar paintings that are the model of the informal abstraction in his earlier works.

In this painting, Herold’s use of caviar has a polyvalent function. Caviar is dually a consumer foodstuff and a luxury product. The sheen of Herold’s painting, though bespattered with fish eggs, remains somehow alluring.

Here the caviar is preserved in globules littered across the canvas. Herold’s specific use of acrylic allows for a composition in which colours do not bleed into one another with the intensity and corruption of other media. Herold’s painting encapsulates an artistic production that achieves ambiguous conditions which invite a myriad of possibilities.