Jamie Fitzpatrick

Vanilla Corporate Harmony, 2017

  • Medium:Mixed Media
  • Dimensions:244 x 170 x 132 cm

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About the Artwork

Vanilla Corporate Harmony, 2017

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The rough texture of his sculptures are important to Fitzpatrick’s practice in that he believes it is beneficial for an artist to leave a sense of studio practice within each of their works.  He referenced Paul McCarthy and Urs Fisher as he admires this aspect within their oeuvre. Fitzpatrick prizes punch marks and footmarks, which are apparent within Vanilla Corporate Harmony upon study. The artist’s works explore the oppressive nature of a patriarchal society, often focusing on monuments of military figures from the past.

Quite abstract, this sculpture differs from his traditional work. Not only because of its singular colour palette, but also in that the level of abstraction leaves his reclining figure almost incomprehensible. Referencing the scent Vanilla Harmony in its title, the colour chosen for the work appears much darker, almost mud-like in its nature. This could be suggesting a corporate harmony which is half-hearted in its attempt or “vanilla” in a negative way.  Fitzpatrick favours using abstraction to question real life events. This is due to the belief that realistic representations of reality are fleeting in their nature; he upholds that fiction can transcend chronology in that it is not fixed to a particular era. Thus, the social critique attached to abstract works stands the test of time without losing its relevance to society.