Pia Krajewski

oT (Röhren), 2019

Oil on Canvas

80 × 100 cm

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Pia Krajewski’s ‘object-scapes’ often featuring fabric and various homewares may appear quite enigmatic: indeed, the viewer may be tempted to unpack the symbolic meaning behind a sky-blue cloth draping an beehive-like structure. However, this would not be in the intentions of the artist who, instead, is rather more interested in the texture and surface features of the objects she represents, than in their latent meaning. The audience of Pia Krajewski’s figurative paintings is not required to follow narrative: it is asked to look, intensely, at the painted surface, so as to feel, with one’s eyes, the touch of the objects represented.

This synesthetic phenomenon is described by the artist as ‘haptic vision’, where one is physically altered in the act of looking. In order for this to happen, the artist argues, it is not necessary for the viewer to recognise the object in question, “haptic vision – Krajewski says – does not necessarily require a concrete objectivity”. The jarring sights of enormous objects – which are not always readily recognised, as they are isolated and magnified – might disorient the viewer at first, but they are immediately enveloping and thus conducive to the synesthetic experience conceived by the artist.

the artist

Pia Krajewski (b. 1990, Cologne) spent seven years at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf studying painting under Dietmar Lutz and Andreas Schulze. Following her graduation, Krajewski participated in the Winsor & Newton scholarship program at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, Germany. She has been part of ARTUNER’s inner circle of artists ever since the residency completion. In 2022 she received the inaugural NRW State Parliament Prize for her painting "Untitled (Vorsitzende)". Recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition entitled "Kunst Jetzt" at the Städtische Galerie in Lüdensheid, the group show "From Michelangelo to" at the Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck, and the Artuner group exhibition "Uno, Nessuno, Centomila" in Turin.

Krajewski's practice draws from a wide array of sources of inspiration, extrapolating details from architectural ornaments, fruit, armours, and hair, pushing its viewers to question what they are facing—disarming orientations and recognition with a playful approach to scale and nuances of monochromatic colour schemes.

With its three-dimensionality, sculptural approach and textural references, her work brings abstraction to life, though its subjects are not always decipherable at first glance. There is a "tension" between familiarity and foreignness of the shapes. The combination of the foreign and the familiar found in Krajewski’s shapes are reminiscent of the oscillations of perceptions. The sense of familiarity that the viewer experiences when encountering her works is ever-present but ultimately impossible to pin down to an identifiable subject. The almost "déjà-vu" aspect of her works leaves the viewer eager to fill the blanks of their perceptions.

The large scale of Pia Krajewski’s works captivates the viewer and transports them to a world where their sight can solely guide them to grasp and appreciate the subject matter. This unique format, where detail is highly visible, enhances the larger-than-life persona of her subjects.

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The logic of Pia Krajewski’s paintings is vision made bare. She shows the viewer a kind of parallel world, comprised solely of sight – which promises the knowledge of what it really means to see.

Pia Krajewski
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October 12th, 2019 until
October 30th, 2019
Curated by ARTUNER